User Subscription (12 months)

$1 200

  • Automated 3D to AR model conversion
  • Manual graphical enhancements and 2D overlays (start. at €1000)
  • 100 views of each model
  • Charge may apply beyond 2 projects per user
  • Online support
  • 6 months minimum (pre-paid)
  • Additional 100 views of 3D model in AR using on-line mode via Apps (max 10000 views, contact us if more views are needed)

    50 Add to cart

  • Account usage extension for additional 3 months (max 10000 views, contact us if more views are needed)

    200 Add to cart

  • Walkthrough video of either interior or exterior
  • Dynamic render flythrough video
  • 360 drone imagery added to your 3D model
  • Product/Model proposition highlights through interactive animations
  • 3D model creation based on 2D drawings or sketches (i.e. DWG)
  • Virtual staging, interior design and visual enhancements to your 3D model or product
  • Project/Model placement on Google Maps
  • Online marketing BOOST by our team of marketers using your new content
  • Project availability via public domain

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