AKULAR web portal 3D model upload and set up

Drag&drop your model, set it up and walk through it

Watch the basic initial video for VDC managers and architects that do not have access to the AKULAR BIM360 card explaining how 3D model is uploaded, set up and viewed in the app.

Comprehensive HOW TO use the app tutorial

2-minute general AKULAR App video

Watch this 2-minute tutorial with Voice-over that shows you how to use the basic functionality of the free AKULAR app – shown on real project examples. For specific functionalities you can request a quote for your custom AR app from our akular.com

AR Virtual Staging Walkthrough

Check out how you can set up and configure your AR virtual staging for remote walkthroughs

Share AR 3D model through social media

Social media marker sharing

Watch how to share your AR experience through social media


Watch a quick tutorial on how to use the FREE Portal

AR App quick tutorial

Basic FREE AKULAR APP functions

Brief run through the basic app functions you may want to use

3D model adjustments in AR

Tips how to make the most out of your presentation

Add realistic touches and alterations by adjusting the sunlight, shadowing, scale, height and position of your model

3D model adjustments in AR 2

How to add shadows and ambient occlusion to optimize your performance

Example asset management

Home improvement sales use case

Watch how the heating and cooling giant Viessmann uses the AKULAR platform to help sell and maintain their products remotely in their custom built VIAR app connected to the AKULAR platform

Construction site MEP

AKULAR app video featuring basic MEP view

Watch this basic MEP use case video utilizing the FREE AKULAR App. For specific functionalities you can request a quote for your custom AR app from our akular.com

EXAMPLE AR COVID-19 mitigation visualization

New York City construction companies are using AKULAR along with temperature measurement kiosks to communicate COVID-19 mitigation zones

Example Residential Project

Check out how transparency works on site

Single Family Housing sold through AR on site

Example High Rise Geolocated in NYC

AKULAR App used for client presentations

Watch how a renowned architecture group in NYC used the FREE AKULAR app to show one of their new projects on the 5th Avenue

Example Waterfront Exterior and Interior in AR

This video showing some video of AKULAR and its customer