Some 3D models lose quality in the AR conversion process. Upload your 3D model and view it in AR.
Get a diagnosis if the AR rendering isn’t to par. Then, make the changes yourself, or our team will optimize it.
Choose from 3 quality levels:

Brush Up & Conversion

We’ll brush up and manually convert models that don’t meet the converter input specs.

3D model before AR conversion
Mesh reduction

AR Model Enhancement

Sample items: materials/ textures, reflections, enhanced lighting, window shades, etc.

AR with materials and reflections
AR with materials, reflections and enhanced lighting

Lifelike AR Rendering

Sample items: ambient light effects, reflections, landscaping, furniture, texture, and detail to photorealistic grade.

Lifelike AR Rendering
Lifelike AR Rendering

Gain a competitive edge with our AR solutions custom-made for your needs.
The AKULAR team will craft you a branded application, interactive product catalog or enhance your system AR integration.

Bespoke Work


Build your project digitally with AKULAR.
3D model size measurements on site, QR positioning and real-size visualization through GPS.