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What Are the Newest Real Estate Technology Trends?

What Are the Newest Real Estate Technology Trends?

Technology has changed every industry within the last decade. The real estate industry has been a bit behind on the technology trend, but that all changed within the last few years. The new technology that has been brought to the industry has made real estate agent’s job’s faster and more convenient.

Technology in every industry has raised the concern of professionals being replaced by new advancements. As silly as it sounds, its understandable. Buyers can easily find their own listings and get approved for a loan all on their own. Sellers can also market their homes and connect with potential buyers, all thanks to technology.

As helpful as the technology is, real estate professionals aren’t going anywhere. To stay prevalent in the industry, all they have to do is stay up to date with the latest technology trends that have become a trend in the industry. Here are some of the newest real estate technology trends:

Utilizing Big Data

We see data being used in other industries. Take the retail industry as an example. Have you ever browsed through a website and next thing you know the items you were interested in start popping up in advertisements? Or maybe you go to browse through Amazon and before you can even put an item in your cart, there is already a product you want to buy put in front of you.

The real estate industry has caught onto the mass amount of data that is collected and produced. After noticing that individual data doesn’t provide us with a lot of information, we can gather a large amount of data to determine a pattern in which we can utilize to make predictions. The analytics that come from these predictions permit real estate professionals to anticipate customer behavior based upon these patterns.

Realtors have come to find that many times, their buyers go to visit a home that seems to meet all of their standards based upon the search criteria. Come to find that when they see the house in real life, it’s nothing like the search results mentioned. As a result, realtors now use predictive analytics, otherwise known as big data, to optimize searches so when they see the house in person, it matches their search criteria.

This data also helps with generating leads. Predictive analytics can help you discover people who are interested in selling their home or buying a new one in the near future. This will help you to reduce your marketing budget and help you save time by only connecting with those who are qualified leads.

Augmented Reality

Generating leads is only the first step in the deal process. Unless your buyers have an incredible experience viewing the listing you show them, the lead is useless unless they close the deal. Augmented reality is a new trend in technology that is changing the experience of viewing listings. Augmented reality is being used in many other industries such as the retail industry. IKEA, the popular furniture store, uses its IKEA place app to allow users to see how furniture looks in a space before they buy it.

Augmented reality is a new technology trend in the real estate industry that gives users a better way to interact with listings. Every realtor has encountered a buyer who was extremely busy and found it difficult to schedule a time to view a listing. Its nearly impossible to have a buyer put down an offer when they are not able to see the property in real life. With augmented reality, this is no longer an issue. Real estate agents can now provide tours of properties that they are not able to see in person. Augmented reality allows you to see the inside and outside of properties. Its extremely easy to use and is accessible through a smartphone or tablet.

Augmented reality is an experience like no other. Seeing pictures and videos of a property are one thing, but seeing properties come to life in front of you is a new experience that we have never had before. When you experience a property with augmented reality, you get a complete 360-degree view. Not only do you get to see the inside and outside of the building, but you can get a feeling for the space itself. You can see how tall ceilings are, how large a room really is and also, the amount of light that comes through the space.

Augmented reality has many benefits for the real estate industry. Augmented reality offers a new, interactive way of showing listings, allows you to see a space that you might not have otherwise had the chance to and it’s a great way to market to buyers.

So how does it work? The great thing about augmented reality is how easy and accessible it is. You might also want to know that it is super affordable and won’t break your budget. Once you have a smartphone or tablet, download the AKULAR app, plug in the plans for the home and its GPS coordinates so you can experience the listing in its real life surroundings and the listing will show up right before your eyes. Anyone who has the listing’s information and details can access the listing through AKULAR as long as they have a smartphone, tablet, or AR headset.

AKULAR: Advancing the Real Estate Industry

AKULAR is here to help you stay up to date with the latest technology trend in real estate. Augmented reality can be an intimidating concept because it is so new but once you begin, you will notice a change in the way you do business. We urge you to get ahead of the trend and your competitors with AKULAR. You will appreciate how it helps with marketing and sales and your buyers or sellers will appreciate the convenience. Ready to get started? Grab your smartphone or tablet, download the AKULAR app and give it a try! What do you have to lose?

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