We are currently living through a time where the entire world is fixated on the same thing. While in some ways, COVID-19 has brought many of us together (both literally and figuratively), it has also caused many lives to fall a part in a number of ways. And the last thing people want to hear is another company advertising that they’re here for us without offering any real solutions or meaningful offerings.
With our team situated around the world, from Europe to New York City and Washington, DC, we’re feeling the impact, and want to start by saying we understand the scope of this situation and are in this together with you. However, we also need to understand our context and situation specific to us. It has become apparent that we, at AKULAR, are in a position where we can, and need, to help in the best and most efficient ways we can.
Being a part of the AEC industry, there is an understanding that you cannot have true, meaningful impacts and progress unless we work together to lend a helping hand and overcome immense challenges. That is why our team at AKULAR wants to provide our support and services to anyone that could benefit from them for as long as this pandemic lasts.


From now until whenever the end of this pandemic may be, we are offering a free account on the AKULAR Augmented Reality Platform for one month and free remote support for two months to help developers, architects, construction managers, engineers and anyone else who may benefit from our AR services stay on track with their projects and better communicate and collaborate with their team while working remotely.
With companies adjusting to remote or adjusted work environments, new methods must be employed to meet deadlines, mitigate risk and keep production running smoothly. By utilizing AR and our free remote support, you and your team can stay safe while immersing yourselves into your projects in a completely new way.
We have already helped and are working with a number of companies and organizations like Virginia Tech, Viessmann, and Skanska. We want to ensure that any company we work with, big or small, new or old, we want to offer the same support and care so that you continue to add value and purpose to your projects all while continuing to stay safe and healthy.
AKULAR aims to provide an immersive and helpful Augmented Reality platform that allows you to visualize your projects before they are built in real size, real time and geolocated using a phone or tablet. By being able to see your projects at full scale and walkthrough them manually, there is no reason to travel and go on site unless it is absolutely necessary. And in those cases, we can be with you every step of the way to make sure that your experience and visit is quick, efficient and safe.
If anything, our AR platform can help you maintain social distancing measures while immersing you into your projects like you were actually on site, collaborating with your team.

Our main goal is to help. We want to do this in the best way and bring a little normalcy back to our lives. If you have any questions, want to learn more about what we do, or are interested in working together, please feel free to reach out.