Tips for Incorporating AR Into Your Development Practices

Have you ever been in a presentation and realized you have sat there for quite some time but haven’t absorbed a single piece of information? It’s easy to become disengaged if the presentation isn’t interesting enough. If you’re pitching to your clients, a boring presentation is your worst nightmare.

What if there was a tool out there to help you catch your audience’s interest? Imagine if the image you try to paint in your client’s head, came to life right in front of them. There is no way they could become disengaged. The good news is that there is a tool, and it’s being used every day in business.

This tool is augmented reality (AR). AR allows you to point your smart phone or tablet to create a simple and charming experience. AR allows you to interact with digital objects that are not yet built in real life. Simply put, the development that you are trying to pitch, no longer has to rely on your audience’s imagination. Instead, with AR you can present an altered form of reality where your plans come to life in the real world.

How is Augmented Reality Being Used?

Augmented reality has already become popular in the retail industry. For instance, IKEA found that its customers came into their stores finding it difficult to picture their products in their homes. They were losing customers because they couldn’t physically have the products right there in their living room to see what they would look like. IKEA developed an AR app called IKEA Place where customers could preview products in the rooms of their home. This gave their customers the opportunity to preview before they bought. The most incredible thing about that app? The customers could do this from the comfort of their own homes! This is great for customers and IKEA because they skip the whole walk through of the store and just order the product when they are ready.

The sport entertainment industry has also started to implement AR into their mobile appss to help increase their ticket sales. Users can now use AR to see a virtual 3D models of the stadiums so they can have a live view from their seats. Sporting events can be very pricey, and sometimes fans are hesitant to buy tickets because they have no idea what kind of view they will have from their seats, and if it’s worth the price. With AR, they no longer have to question what the view is like and as a result, sales have started to increase.

Incorporating AR Into Your Development Practices

The sports industry, retail industry and many others have started to use AR and have seen great changes in their business because of it. The real estate development industry is next. With the AKULAR app, you too, can use augmented reality to help change the way you present your proposals. The AKULAR app brings your 3D models to life. You can plug in the GPS coordinates of your development so you can experience your project in the actual surroundings, and you can even walk through every part of your project! All you do is upload your plans into the app. Once uploaded, you can make changes and share them with your team, collaborators and customers. Uploading plans is free of cost, so you now have an inexpensive and simple way to show numerous plans during your presentation.

Interested in using AR in your development practices? Here are some tips to get you going:

1. Have Designated Devices

How will your audience use the AKULAR app? Are they expected to bring their own device or are you going to provide them with devices? Our suggestion is having tablets designated for presentation. This will ensure a smooth proposal process. If you have a tool just for presentations, you can rest assured knowing your audience won’t have any distractions or need to resort to troubleshooting issues. If they were to use their own device, they could be interrupted with calls or notifications, and we want your audience to be as engaged as possible.

2. Craft an Experience; But Don’t forget to Present

The great thing about augmented reality and AKULAR is that it does all the talking. Users can pull up the model and explore it themselves. However, if you are presenting to a client, don’t forget what it’s all about. Use AKULAR to enhance your presentation; don’t rely on the app to do it for you. The digital model can easily sell itself, but you should still give the client the ideas behind your processes and decisions. Guide your clients through the model and explain it as you go along.

3. Don’t Get Lost in the Process

The AKULAR app allows you to do so much during the presentation process that it’s easy to get off track! Before you jump into the presentation, think through (and practice) your proposal. For example, you can show and hide layers as you walk so you can provide your audience with a richer contextual analysis of different areas of the development. If you are going to use this feature, plan on it during the presentation rather than just pulling it up out of the blue. This can come off as scattered, and you want to remain as organized as possible!

4. Give Instructions on Next Steps

If you do provide your audience with a tablet so they can access the app, have a plan for next steps. Perhaps your audience gave you some suggestions for changes that can be made to the development. Once you make those changes, how are you going to share the updates? Another benefit to using the AKULAR app is that your audience can receive plans themselves. No longer do you have to schedule meeting after meeting to look though minor changes. Give your audience instructions on how to download and use the app from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

AKULAR: Enhancing Your Presentation

When you present your development plans with AKULAR , your audience will be blown away by the accuracy of the plans brought to life. It’s easy to rely on the app to do the work for you, but don’t forget to guide your users through the plan! Presenting your models has never been this easy and interactive. Ready to get started? Download the app for your next presentation, upload your models and get on board with the way AR can enhance your business!