How AKULAR Can Help Drive Architecture Sales

Have you ever felt like you have hit a brick wall when it comes to sales? You have tried everything out that can help boost your architecture sales, what more can you do? Before you answer this question, have you really tried everything out there?

If your answer is yes, we can bet that one thing you haven’t tried isaugmented reality (AR). Augmented reality has been around for years, but it wasn’t until a popular app, Pokémon Go, shed major light on AR that it really became mainstream.

Pokémon Go went viral overnight, and at one point, it was such a big hit that it had more daily users than Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. This app attracted such a wide audience not because everyone was such a big Pokémon fan, but because it used augmented reality in a new and unique way. The point of the game was to search for real local landmarks and points of interest where you could then catch virtual creatures… The app relied on location tracking to combine virtual reality with the physical world.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are projected to generate an immense $120 billion by 2020. This is no surprise because of the way augmented reality has already transformed businesses today when it comes to the sales process. Ikea, the popular furniture conglomerate for example, was one of the first commercial businesses to launch an application that utilizes AR. The app uses customers mobile devices to help visualize how Ikea`s products would look in any real life space. Potential customers can simply use their camera from their phones or tablets to help visualize how a dining room set would look in their kitchen or how a chair would fit in with the rest of their home décor.

Augmented reality isn’t just transforming the retail area.It is also changing the architecture industry and can really help architects boost their sales. With the help of AKULAR, you and your clients can experience your development plans in 3D AR. Here’s how AKULAR can help drive architecture sales.

1. Introduces A New Way of Story Telling

When you are pitching a plan of your product, you are telling a story. If your clients are not following along with this story, it can become difficult for them to visualize the plan and they instantly become disconnected from your product.

AKULAR, helps you tell your story in a different way – a way that is creative, engaging and will ultimately help you win your clients over to make the sale.

Not only can AR allow prospective customers to visualize your plans, but they can interact with them as well to create an experience that is like nothing they have ever seen before. For instance, they can see new structures in real life locations. Once you plug in the GPS coordinates of your development, you can experience the project in the actual surroundings. From there, you can walk in and around the plan as if it were already there in real life.

This new way of storytelling is an improved way of presenting your plans to prospects that make it almost impossible for them to become disconnected with your product. They are then more likely to be on board with your plans.

2. Enhances Decision Making

Where some potential clients really struggle in the bidding process is when it comes to making a decision. In the past, prospects took a leap of faith because they did not have the opportunity to see the plan in real life until it was done.

With AKULAR, this is no longer true. When it is time for your clients to make a decision, they will have a better understanding of the final result and can clear up any misunderstandings or insecurities they may have.

With AKULAR, you can upload as many models as you wish, allowing prospects different ways of seeing your plans at no or little cost to you They could look at various options, choose which one they like best, or make suggestions.

Should your prospects have any changes or suggestions, you can simply edit the model and share it with them once it’s ready. This is very convenient for you and your clients. No longer do you have to meet face-to-face every time there is a minor change that needs to be seen!

3. Creates A Sense of Ownership

At one point or another, we have all experienced a sense of ownership during the buying process. If you have ever purchased a new car, you were most likely invited to test drive it and may have felt like it was yours from the moment you opened the door. What happens at this moment though? The sales process becomes extremely easy for the representative at the car dealership. The salesperson doesn’t have to convince you to buy the car, because you already know you want it, and it feels like yours.

Similarly, if you have ever been on the hunt for a new house, you may have found your dream home the moment you stepped in the door. You didn’t even have to walk any further into the place because you just felt right at home.

The same sense of ownership is experienced during the AKULAR process. Once users engage with this digital, real-life model they are much more likely to immediately connect with your end vision. As a result, they are already on board with the sale and ready to make the purchase.

Boost Sales with Augmented Reality

PokémonGo was a viral hit and with the predictions of augmented reality, it’s going to be just as popular and effective for businesses. In addition to all the ways augmented reality can drive your architecture sales, the best part about it is that it doesn’t break the bank to be effective. This new sales tool has one of the highest ROIs compared to anything used before.

If augmented reality is completely foreign to you, we invite you to visit our website to learn more information. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

AKULAR is easy to navigate and is very user friendly. All you have to do is download the app , upload your models, and have your mobile device on hand to get going! If you are ready to transform your sales process, AKULAR is here to help.