8 Ways AKULAR Benefits Your Real Estate Project

Augmented reality has transformed the way we do business forever. Augmented reality brings a structure to life, in a way we have never seen before. AKULAR allows you to experience your development plan in 3D Augmented reality to capture the imagination of stakeholders in a way that was never possible before.

How it works is you upload your plan into the app, plug in the GPS coordinates or your development so you can experience your project in the actual surroundings, and you can walk with your tablet or AR headset and walk around your 100% scale model as if your project were already built! AKULAR is a great resource for real estate development, architecture and construction. This app is great if you just want to see your plan come to life, but AKULAR can benefit your business in the following ways:

1. AKULAR provides clearer product representation

Selling properties that have not been built yet has always been difficult because we had to rely on our imagination and hope that it would come out as planned and it would look good in the area that it is planned for. Whether you work in real estate development, architecture or construction, you can now present your building plans in a way that better explains your plans. You will notice buyers or stakeholders will have less questions because the structure is right there in front of them. No longer do you have to convince buyers that your plans are incredible, because its right there for them to see for themselves.

Your buyers get a sense of scale that has never been possible before. They can step into your plan and see just how tall the ceilings are or they can spin around and see how big a room is. AKULAR even allows you to illustrate how the lighting is going to look in a building.

2. Better Engagement

When you use the AKULAR app for your presentation of plans, you will notice the way buyers or stakeholders engage has transformed. The way your plan comes to life is impressive, and your buyers will be excited to jump in and explore your plans. You never have to worry about if you are capturing your audience’s engagement because the plan that is right in front of you does all of the work.

3. Allows for Easier Changes

The AKULAR app allows you to add as many plans as you would like for free! You can present one plan, but also can have another set of plans to present if needed. Perhaps you are presenting and the buyer doesn’t like something in the model. You can quickly make changes to your plan and upload the new model. The app allows you to share the plans so buyers can see it for themselves and they don’t have to worry about scheduling a meeting every time there is a change in the plans for them to approve. Your buyers will appreciate the convenience and promptness of your work.

4. Reaches Your Customers Anywhere

If you present your plans to customers that are a distance away or even overseas, presenting has never been so easy. It would be nice if your buyer can be at the location the day of the presentations but sometimes life gets in the way and meetings get cancelled. With AKULAR, you can send your buyers the plans for them to see for themselves if they aren’t able to make a meeting; no matter how far away they are.

5. The Cost

There’s no question about how impressive it is to be able to walk your clients through a real life plan. What is so important for your business is you have never been able to present your plan like this for such a small cost. The AKULAR app is free and you can upload as many plans as you wish. It doesn’t get much better than that!

6. Gives your Clients A Sense of Ownership

Selling your plan has never been so simple because the way AKULAR presents your plans, the app does a lot of the work for you. The AKULAR app enhances the sales process because it gives your buyers a sense of ownership. For instance, have you ever walked into a car dealership and test drove a car that you loved? You left the dealership knowing you had to have that car because it already felt like yours. The AKULAR app essentially is the same thing. Now that your clients have walked through your plans, they will be excited for you to get started because they already have a good understanding of how it will turn out.

7. AKULAR Will Save You Time and Money

The information that AKULAR provides, gives you enough information that will allow construction teams to work with speed and accuracy. Not only are you able to walk through the entire project before it is built, but you will have all of the details and exact measurements. This will help you order the right amount of construction materials and better predict how long the project will take. AKULAR will keep your project on time and more accurate when it comes to predicting the project competition day. Additionally, you will find that you have less left over construction materials. You will save more money up front, ultimately making your business more money.

8. AKULAR Builds Trust

Before you could bring your project to life, your clients were taking a leap of faith when they paid for something that was not even built yet. No longer to clients have to imagine the outcome of the project and trust that everything works out because it has already been shown to them. They have already walked through the project and can rest assured knowing that the plans will turn out exactly how they expected.

Once you use AKULAR, you will notice your presentation of plans go a lot smoother, projects are on time and encounter less issues during building, and you will notice an increase in revenue.

Bring your plans to real life and change the way you do business. What are you waiting for? Get started!