If we can help people share their ideas and plans for development with real-world 3D clarity,
we can give them a more productive work day and bring together different perspectives to shape a better build environment.


We’re enabling Architects and Developers to better communicate real estate plans with stakeholders.
Experience 3D digital models, real size, geo-located in the real world, using only phone or tablet.


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According to Gartner, civic engagement technology will be the next wave of innovation in smart cities. The AR market is expected to grow at 74% CAGR during 2017-2024. As AR/ VR fully integrates into building Planning and Information Modelling (BIM), the paradigm shift is comparable to the 1990s move from sketching to computer aided design.
Cities will need to accommodate over 1.7 billion more people by 2030, and quality and sustainability of urban living is a global problem. With 50% of the world’s population today, cities account for 75% of global resource consumption. This rural urban disparity is a consequence of poor coordination within the built environment — and the predicament grows ever more acute.
AKULAR’s superior technology beats its competitors and alternatives on time and cost. The existing alternatives to AR are the 2D printed renderings and 3D physical mockups often ordered in China, or similarly un-interactive 3D video fly-throughs created by marketing agencies. These are perceived as time and communication bottlenecks by AKULAR’s clients in real estate development.
The AKULAR team of founders blends strong business acumen with unique IT skills. During its first year, AKULAR successfully graduated from a smart city accelerator in Washington, D.C., assessed the US market, designed and tested a game changing cloud platform and won landmark reference projects. The business team is based in McLean, VA and New York City.


Phones and tablets: run Akular on any Apple or Android mobile
Our platform supports every type of 3D format.

There is no file size limit.

With our free plan, you do not need to add payment details. Just download the app and play.

Yes, most models lose quality during conversion. After the AR conversion, if your model has lost quality, we’ll send you a proposal with 3 options: Brush up / Enhancement / Lifelike AR Rendering. You can choose to view your model without any AR optimization / studio work, or you can accept one of the proposal options.

Yes, you can choose from 3 quality levels: Brush up / AR Enhancement / Lifelike AR Rendering. We can add animation into your model – either people and traffic, or live animated data sets. Upload your model, and include a note on requirements, or reach out to talk this through.
Yes, we build bespoke apps and integrate AR into existing apps. Reach out, and we’ll talk through your ideas or requirements.
The geo-location is accurate to the standard GPS on your device. Typically, this has accuracy to a few meters.
If there are real world obstructions between a viewing point and your model on site, you might want occlusion mapping in. We’ll need your [file] to do this. You can notify us of the need when you upload your model.
Yes, we can build a bespoke app for this, with your products in a catalog tree, so users can select any product to visualize in AR. You can also visualize third party products.

Yes, we can pull live data from databases, and depict it visually / animated. Data sets may be of air quality, heat exchange, footfall, occupancy patterns, traffic scenarios, sound insulation – practically any data set.

Yes. Your device’s camera recognises external objects and matches them with objects in your library. Match project blueprints to as-is reality and update the visualization, or mark items ‘to fix’.
Akular is not complex to use. But to get the most out of it, training sessions can be useful. Currently, training sessions are online. We will recommence on-site training as soon as we’re all back on site. Sessions are tailored to your needs.

An AKULAR subscription enables you to easily make and share a number of project visualizations, including videos and pictures. You can also get valuable analytics on the usage of your free AKULAR app from your stakeholders, including which part of the building are they looking at the most.

AKULAR provides a tailored subscription package for real estate developers and for architects. MEP engineers, contractors and interior designers benefit from bespoke solutions that AKULAR creates for your specific use cases.

AKULAR has a hotline where you can call to get immediate assistance +1 757 272 1679 0240 or +421 903 972 833 in Europe. You can also use a live chat on our website to get in touch with one of our architects, or designers to help you with your 3D models.

We typically work with the 3D models that you or your architects already have – AKULAR algorithms enable us to avoid rework and redundant effort spent on the re-modeling. If no 3D model exists of what you want to visualize, we can create it for you, and our daily rate will apply.
Typically, AKULAR provides AR and real time 3D model experience, which is according to our clients, more efficient than renderings. We can also do it at a lower cost. Of course, we can do renderings as well – either in-house or through a referral agency with a special “AKULAR price.” Our mission is to engage people and provide inexpensive true visualization of the built environment.
Definitely, however this will take some time (up to two weeks per building) and requires manual effort to bake in lights and reflections into the textures to achieve photorealistic quality in a dynamic model. Rendering is quicker and takes fewer days, but you cannot walkthrough it or create videos. However you can get a very good dynamic model quality within a day, and then decide if the AKULAR team should invest more time and your credits into making it photorealistic.
That is not a problem. Actually, the default view when you open the AKULAR app is meeting room size. Subsequently, you can click on the map button and confirm your location like when calling an Uber to create the on-site experience content.
You can present your 3D model on the screen as well by logging into your account on our portal. Many of our clients prefer to avoid using VR goggles and like to use a good old wall projection to allow them better interaction and eye contact with their customers during the meeting.